• Anna Ildiko Popescu

    Anna Ildiko Popescu

  • Scott Joyce

    Scott Joyce

  • Penny Ives

    Penny Ives

  • Lisa Kelly

    Lisa Kelly

  • Jan Nesbitt

    Jan Nesbitt

  • Mary Hall

    Mary Hall

  • Mark Ruffle

    Mark Ruffle

  • Katherine Kirkland

    Katherine Kirkland

  • Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor

  • Katy Rhodes

    Katy Rhodes

  • Richard Deverell

    Richard Deverell

  • Nick Shewring

    Nick Shewring

  • Nadine Wickenden

    Nadine Wickenden

  • Beverly Curl

    Beverly Curl

  • Anthony Hitchcock

    Anthony Hitchcock

  • Ivana Svabic Cannon

    Ivana Svabic Cannon

  • Kate Davies

    Kate Davies

  • Jane Veveris Callan

    Jane Veveris Callan

  • Frances Cony

    Frances Cony

  • Laila Hills

    Laila Hills

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Whatever your illustration needs, it's likely SWILL can accommodate them.

We are a diverse group of illustrators and designers working in all categories and media.

Our members are based loosely around the South West of England.